EP 36 // Loving Myself Enough to Tell the Truth // Bryce Fisher

“The longer we avoid truth and honesty, the longer we’ll remain sick.”

I got to talk to my dear friend Bryce this week about how he’s learning to tell the truth. He’s been on a journey of opening up and finding his voice again after years of brutal challenge.

Not only has he weathered abuse, addiction, and a 9 year ongoing bout of cancer, Bryce has lived a lot of his life in fear of what other people will think of him if he tells the truth.

So relatable.

As we discussed his recent breakthrough around speaking the truth and using his voice again, I realized that this conversation is at the core of self-worth. So I asked him if he’d record an episode with me. It’s incredibly powerful.

Bryce has been a great teacher and friend to me the six years I’ve known him. I’ve seen him at all stages of health and sickness, misery and joy, despair and miraculous healing.

To hear him talk about how he’s learning to own his worth is stunning.

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Show notes:

  • How to find your voice if you’ve lost yours (6:45)
  • The power of choice to choose our perspective on anything (9:00)
  • Why we need to let go of our attachment to how people view us (10:38)
  • How important tough love is in our relationships (12:50)
  • A helpful way to think about feedback (16:02)
  • The value of honesty in our relationships (19:03)
  • How telling the truth improves our health (22:40)
  • Why Bryce views cancer as a self-worth teacher (29:20)
  • What rehab taught him about the value of truth-telling (33:30)
  • Bryce’s advice to addicts of destructive habits (38:10)

“Cancerous thoughts are so much worse than cancer itself.”

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