My Love Letter to Podcasting

Feeling a new kind of excitement

A few years ago, right after I had moved to Salt Lake City from LA, I had a good amount of free time on my hands. It was the holidays, I was in a career transition, and I had time to catch my breath and take a look back at what the past 4 years had taught me.

One day while journaling, I wrote what became a love letter to podcasting. It was what I loved about it, what it had done for me, what I had done with it, and what I saw possible as I shared this creative medium with others. I typed up this part of the journal entry as a note to self and today feels like a good day to share it.

Dec 11, 2018

I see my podcast course as an invitation to all creators to share their voice with their audience, make a record of their thoughts, and enjoy the richness of intimate conversation without distraction or vanity concerns.

What would the world look like if we were all sharing our voices in that raw, beautiful, unfiltered stream of consciousness that pours out of our heads and hearts when we are in front of a microphone and have an intention to be of service? I think so many more people would share their inner thoughts and brilliance if they knew about this medium, its trust and vulnerability and the power it has to connect human beings together around the globe. Its ability to communicate the human experience is so extraordinary and alluring.

I realize this is becoming a love letter to podcasting. A call to join those of us who are sharing the exquisite and profound and heartbreaking and insightful and mindful and helpful thoughts that are universal truths we are discovering along our journeys. And also the expertise and wisdom people have to share – the crafters, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, chefs, speakers, coaches, service providers, techies, critics, historians, academics, researchers, politicians, social workers, athletes, mothers, fathers, families, friends, siblings, comedians, actors, designers, spiritual guides, travelers, hosts, flight attendants, photographers, creatives, dancers, storytellers, observers.

And who am I in all of this? I am the curator. The guide. An illuminary. An example. A light. Someone who has been on all sides of this medium. A perspective that is worth learning from.

The reason I’m sharing this note today is because I’ve spent the last several months digging deep into my desires and opportunities for where to take my career next. I’ve had the most extraordinary education and experience in using podcasts to uplift, teach, and inspire humanity, and I want to share this knowledge with everyone who feels the pull to add their voice and perspective to the collective.

I’ve been drafting podcast training programs, memberships, and beginner bootcamps and as I start to open these resources up to the public, I want to make sure I’m keeping them centered on the big why. For me, it’s all about owning our worth through our voices, by telling the true stories of our lives, and by making space for new voices to be heard. This is the beautiful intersection of my work and play, and I feel honored to be able to guide others through the journey.

P.S. If you’ve been wanting to start your own podcast but feel the need for some hand-holding and expert guidance, check out my first-ever beginner’s bootcamp! Starting June 21, 2021, I’ll be leading a group of total beginners through 6 weeks of prep, recording, editing, and setup to make their show a reality that the world can hear.





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