EP 2 // Showing My Whole Self to the World // Christina Baltazar

“My struggles are also someone else’s struggles.”

This week’s episode is one I thought of the minute I settled on self-worth as the topic of my podcast.

Christina Baltazar is one of the brightest shining worthfull examples in my life.

She is not only an incredibly strong woman, wife, mother, realtor, professional, creative, and designer, but she is someone who practices worthfullness on a daily basis.

We met as coaches in a leadership mentoring program and my goodness — to see this woman coach people on getting results in their lives is something else.

She is a force of love and strength that is felt by everyone she meets.

She is also a new mom and wife, so we dove into how she is practicing worthfullness in these two areas of her life specifically.

Christina is open about her struggle with depression after having her baby, how she has found new worth in being a mom (despite it not looking perfect . . . ever), and how she is choosing, once again, to lead others in owning their worth in this new chapter of her life.

If you’re feeling the need to be loved on by someone, prepare to feel that and so much more in this Episode with Christina Baltazar.

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Show notes:

  • The first time Christina started believing she had a bigger purpose in life (5:12)
  • What postpartum depression feels like and how to work through it (6:53)
  • How to avoid the trap of comparison cutting down our worth (10:58)
  • The relationship between depression and not being true to yourself (12:50)
  • How to get back to being your full self (14:42)
  • The self-talk that can get you out of bed no matter how you feel in the morning (17:45)
  • How self-worth is like a plant you need to water daily (21:01)
  • Christina’s best practices for nourishing her worth daily (22:32)
  • The power of the negative voices in our heads and how to deal with them (25:22)
  • Why it’s okay and normal to not feel your best everyday (29:25)
  • The relationship between money and self-worth (31:35)
  • Why relationships require you to be open to receive (36:08)
  • How to overcome feeling unworthy of a good relationship (37:23)

“Growth happens when you walk in the fire and see what gets to change.”

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