EP 103 // Sovereign of My Life // Christine Baird

“What could be more of a homecoming than claiming my sovereignty, my birthright?”

I met and had a wonderful session with a top-notch healer this week. It was the kind of meeting that I knew was perfectly timed and I was ready for it.

She talked to me about my body’s alignment, misalignment, how that is a reflection of my inner world and workings, and what I get to shift to become fully empowered and healed. And she also worked out quite a bit of tightness in my neck and shoulders, bless her.

One thing in particular that she pointed out about my posture and current status struck me. She talked to me about survival archetypes and how many of us stay stuck in the child self when what we are meant to become is sovereign. I was all ears and am already learning what this means in my body and life. I shared my current thoughts on this in the solo round episode for this week. I can’t wait to share more as I learn more!

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