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  • EP 40 // Owning My Worth While Changing My Identity // Liann Seiter

    “Being kind is about speaking to the best version of someone.” I got to have one of the most important Worthfull Project conversations so far while visiting my dear friend (and college roommate) Liann Seiter last week. Liann has known me for 11 years, long before worthfull was an idea in my head or I […]

  • EP 39 // Keeping My Worth Intact During Big Transitions // Christine Baird

    “We get to show up in a way that invites others to own their worth.” I keep having conversations and getting asked questions about how to own your worth during big life transitions. Things like marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, starting a new career, etc. I’ve been thinking a lot about this as well since […]

  • EP 38 // Choosing My Battles // Christine Baird

    “There are so many battles that don’t need to be fought today.” I was talking to my roommate Candice last night about how I’m learning to manage my responsibilities and also take care of myself. We talked about how responsibilities can feel like battles – career, money, relationships, spirituality, etc. – and how they can […]

  • EP 37 // Owning My Worth While I’m Single // Christine Baird

    “I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.” – Rupi Kaur I had a few requests from friends for episode topics and I was about to record one on career change. But then I realized I had an opportunity to talk about […]

  • EP 36 // Loving Myself Enough to Tell the Truth // Bryce Fisher

    “The longer we avoid truth and honesty, the longer we’ll remain sick.” I got to talk to my dear friend Bryce this week about how he’s learning to tell the truth. He’s been on a journey of opening up and finding his voice again after years of brutal challenge. Not only has he weathered abuse, […]