EP 26 // The Worth of Buddies and Accountability // Rebecca Regnier

“I let someone else see what it looked like to get there.”

Well, here we are at the official 6 month mark of the podcast.

Episode 26, exactly halfway through Year 1 of the Worthfull Project!

I couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate the first six months of this show than sitting down with my dear friend Rebecca Regnier, who is featured on episode 1, to record a 6 month check in.

Actually it was her idea because she’s so smart and attentive like that.

The topic of this conversation is accountability — specifically the weekly call format that Rebecca and I use to hold each other accountable to our big goals.

We’ve been doing these for about a year with each other, and it’s been a huge support to both of us. It’s how we remember what matters most, focus on those parts of our lives each week, and make sure we’re putting time and energy into them.

I love this conversation because it reminds me that Worthfull Project may still not have been started if it hadn’t been for the support of a friend like Rebecca.

In case you’re wondering, your goals are worth having accountability for. We hope that this conversation gives you an idea of how to get that support in your life if you’re seeking it.

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Show notes:

  • Why buddy calls are more valuable than just goal setting (2:55)
  • The value of writing down your goals each week (8:10)
  • How buddy calls can support all your relationships (11:02)
  • What this kind of accountability does to support worthfull living (17:10)
  • What happens in our brains when we celebrate our accomplishments (19:56)
  • The value of letting friends listen to you talk about what’s important to you (24:16)
  • The value of having someone witness your evolution (30:22)
  • What we’re both going to do in the next 6 months to live worthfully (38:41)

“Intention plus committed action equals results.”

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