EP 81 // Worthfull Ways to Manage Mental Illness // Kristen Beckwith

“Worth doesn’t change no matter what you think, what you feel, what you’ve been through, what’s happened to you.”

I met a new friend in a line at a wedding a few months ago and it turns out we definitely were meant to record an episode on the Worthfull Project.

Kristen has lived with intense anxiety, depression, OCD and more for over nine years, and as she’s learned to create a new life through managing her mental health, she has also learned that she has a musical gift that is meant to be shared.

We said we were going to record an episode about her new music, but what we really discussed was the incredible lessons she has been learning about her worth regardless of what her mind tells her. I love this conversation because at some point in all of our lives, we need to face our mental health and decide what we believe is really true about our worth, no matter what the thoughts and feelings inside of us are saying.

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Show notes

  • How music helps us relax through mental illness (1:30)
  • The power of using our talents to help more people than just ourselves (6:20)
  • What shifts in our self-worth when we share our talents (10:08)
  • The steps out of a mental illness into a new life (12:20)
  • What Kristen had to give up in order to live worthfully (18:50)
  • The importance of shifting our perspective on the glossy expectations we have for our lives (21:13)
  • What Kristen is learning about humility and worth from owning her musical talent (24:05)

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