EP 7 // Accepting Overwhelm as an Invitation to Shift // Christine Baird

“I started to wonder if I was worth spending my time on things that made me happy.”

You may not have linked feeling overwhelmed to feeling low on self-worth.

Or maybe you have.

I hadn’t until about a year ago when I started to come out of a season of deep emotional overwhelm.

I spent about six months getting very curious about the overwhelm I was in (triggered by a family fall out initiated by my actions) and what I learned about myself and my worth set the stage for the Worthfull Project.

But it didn’t occur to me to record a solo episode sharing what I’ve learned until my friend Rebecca suggested it.

And then I loved the idea because I’ve spent months thinking about this and wanted to share what I have learned in case it might support anyone else who is in deep overwhelm.

Here’s the thing: it wasn’t until I went deep down the rabbit hole of overwhelm that I began to face the truth about my worth — and that it had nothing to do with how productive I was being in a day. It had everything to do with how I took care of myself.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any kind of overwhelm in your life, I invite you to take off your self-judgment lenses for a moment and reconsider what this feeling may be here to show you.

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Show notes:

  • My definition of overwhelm (3:17)
  • What triggered my deep period of overwhelm (4:15)
  • What helped me start to understand overwhelm while I was in it (6:28)
  • How I became fascinated with introversion and extroversion (8:40)
  • The turning point that got me out of overwhelm (12:17)
  • What overwhelm has to do with being worthfull (14:23)
  • What shifted in my life and wellbeing when I started honoring my energy source (16:45)
  • What is available to you if you choose to put your wellbeing first (21:00)
  • The practices I do daily to fill up my energy (24:30)

“Your worth as a person is intact and it has nothing to do with how much you get done in a day.”

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One response to “EP 7 // Accepting Overwhelm as an Invitation to Shift // Christine Baird”

  1. Lorraine Baird

    Hi Hon, Just listened to my first two, numbers 7 and 8. Of course, I picked yours first. Took notes even! “Put down electronics at least thirty minutes before going to bed.” I didn’t do that one night this week and paid for it! For me this is an important part of self care and I have to discipline myself to do it!

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