EP 98 // Believing I Am Worthy To Receive It All // Tara Starling

“We only receive the things we believe we are worthy to have.”

I have waited about six months to bring you today’s episode. Not intentionally, just because of scheduling and distractions, etc. But it’s worth the wait.

I met my beautiful friend Tara a year ago at a birthday party and I have been continually impressed by who she is and what she is creating in the world. By profession, she is an amazing makeup artist for television and film. But her bigger work goes beyond that and is about helping people see their true inner beauty.

Tara brings so much wisdom and heart to this conversation. She shares her light and stories with so much love. I was on a high the whole rest of the day. We discuss some of my very favorite topics in this episode, including our relationship to beauty, abundance, and “worth nirvana,” as Tara calls it. It’s one of my favorite episodes I’ve recorded so far.

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Show notes

  • How our beliefs create our reality (8:41)
  • What it takes to fall in love with ourselves (13:01)
  • Where to start when you are ready to re-invent your self-worth (16:04)
  • Why simplicity is more transformative than complexity (20:39)
  • What comes after accepting your full worth (23:52)
  • How the law of abundance works with owning your worth (26:30)
  • How to view beauty as a celebration rather than a mask (33:10)
  • How to navigate the resistance against doing what you are meant to do (36:34)
  • What owning your worth in a healthy relationship looks like (51:45)
  • How to see your worth in everything around you (1:02:10)

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