EP 96 // Remembering My Worth After Betrayal // Roxanne Kennedy Granata

“You’re not the only one going through whatever you are going through.”

I met a beautiful woman at a podcasting workshop I taught a few weeks ago. She came up after the class and gave me her book. She told me she also is on a journey to own her worth and share her experience. So naturally, I invited her on the podcast.

Roxanne was married to a sex addict for 21 years and lived through the trauma of constant betrayal and lies. Of course it required her to reinvent her relationship to her worth, her intuition, and to others. She has since written a book about her healing journey, and she now speaks often to audiences about this process of remembering your worth.

I loved this conversation because it’s so clear that Roxanne has done (and is always doing) THE work – that deep inner cleaning and sorting of everything that doesn’t serve you in order to become in total ownership of your worth.

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Show notes

  • What to do when you think you’re the only one going through what you’re going through (3:23)
  • Why it can be hard but very important to tell yourself the truth (7:46)
  • When you must hand over responsibility for someone’s actions to them (11:59)
  • What it can look like to remember your worth after forgetting it (19:58)
  • How to reunite with your intuition after feeling separated from it (25:21)
  • How to avoid blaming and shaming yourself while doing deep inner work (28:25)
  • Where hopeful confidence comes from during challenging times (31:42)
  • How to trust in love again after you have been betrayed (33:50)
  • What long-term challenges teach us about self-love and self-worth (38:43)

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