EP 32 // The Worth of Self-Care During Transitions // Candice Gutierrez

“I know I have an incomplete view of my worth, but I can have a complete view of it.”

I was talking to my lovely roommate Candice Gutierrez today about the importance of self-care. I realized this is a perfect worthfull conversation that I’ve touched on but haven’t dived into.

And if there’s anyone to preach the truth of self-care, it’s Candice.

She is not only a brilliant media and film professional, she also understands how important it is to take care of your body, mind and spirit no matter what.

What I was really excited to hear her perspective on was how she is practicing self-care during a major career and life transition.

I loved what she said about how low-tech quality self-care can be. It doesn’t have to be spa days and over-indulgence. It can be as simple as the self-talk we listen to and the small decisions of how we spend our time.

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Show notes:

  • Why it’s often hard to practice self-care during big life transitions (4:20)
  • What sensual self-care means (5:09)
  • Why it’s valuable to get out of your head as part of self-care (8:35)
  • Ways to mentally give yourself permission to self-care (12:12)
  • Why self-care doesn’t have to be expensive and indulgent (14:15)
  • The meaning of “practicing” self-care (18:10)
  • How to remember your worth during big transitions (19:04)

“I’m caring for the person I’m striving to become.”

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2 responses to “EP 32 // The Worth of Self-Care During Transitions // Candice Gutierrez”

  1. Ranadi Koroitamana

    This was sooo great!!!

    1. Christine Baird

      Yay! So happy you enjoyed it! Candice is the queen of self-care

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