EP 127 // Belonging to and Becoming Myself // Jake Kauffman

“Depression is the need for deep rest from the person we’ve become and not who we are.”

What a treat I have for you today. I recorded this conversation a couple of months ago with my brother-from-another-mother Jake Kauffman about the good stuff – mental health, vulnerability, healing, depression, worth, and coming home to ourselves.

Jake and I met in a self-development workshop years ago in LA and it’s been a strong bond ever since. He is now a thriving coach, writer, filmmaker, and more, and he has the chops to show for it.

Jake is a special kind of treat and I recommend a listen. Bonus – he loves sharing the origin and meanings of words, so there’s a few of those treasures sprinkled throughout.

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Show notes

  • What coming home to himself has felt like to Jake this past year (4:34)
  • What it’s like to read about your own life in your own words (7:25)
  • What the word persona actually means (11:15)
  • The difference between who you think you are and the truth of who you are (16:42)
  • A different way to look at depression (19:55)
  • What belonging feels like to Jake (23:48)
  • What the meaning of vulnerability translates to (25:45)
  • Why getting wounded in relationships can be worth it (28:45)

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